I love this picture and use it all the time in social media. One of my favorite things to do, especially in the colder months, is to fix a warm drink (A cup of warm, Energizing Green Tea, warm chocolate Life Shake Protein drink, warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice, or only plain warm water), sit with my hands wrapped around the mug for warmth and just BE. This is a time for me to decompress, think about what is most important in that moment, take some deep cleansing breaths, and clear my mind. It is a very comforting practice that I do at least once daily.

I thought it might be helpful to provide you with some extra tips on ways to decompress and relax. Give these a whirl and see what resonates with you. What helps you reset, reframe, and relax?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.


When you are overwhelmed with your life and responsibilities, it takes a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. This feeling can replicate itself over and over, leading to even more anxiety and worsening overwhelm. Before you let the overwhelm take control of your life, try some of these tips for relaxing and reducing stress.

1. Start a Worry or Stress Journal

When you are overwhelmed, you probably have a mind FULL of thoughts, worries, concerns, fears, stressors, regrets, hopes, and so much more. When you feel the need to get all these thoughts and emotions out of your head, there is no better way to do it than writing them out on paper.

Start a journal specifically used for your stress, worry, and overwhelm. You can call it your “Worry Journal,” “Stress Journal,” or your “Happiness Journal,” depending on how you want to frame it. Whatever you name it, make sure the title elicits motivation so that you will be more inclined to pick it up and use it. It often helps if you select a beautiful journal that really speaks to you. This journaling practice is incredibly easy to do and can be used as a place to vent and reframe those bothersome thoughts. Think about what is causing you the most stress right now, and write it down.

Be honest, be detailed or vague, write it however you want, noticing what style benefits you most. Do not worry about how long it is, how long it takes you, grammar or spelling, or any other “rules” of writing. Just express your stresses and fears in whatever way works for you. Rethink and reframe them. What will you do differently in your approaches to these thoughts? You will soon realize that you had a LOT to say! Reframing your thoughts allows for more clarity and purposeful actions around your stressors and overwhelm.

2. Complete Something You Never Finished

Another way to relieve overwhelm in your life is to think about a task you have not completed and go about finishing it. This can be anything big or small, whether it is related to your current goals or future goals.

Why is this helpful? By completing the task, you will notice a feeling of accomplishment. Even a small task that you have been putting off, be it a little home project you started but did not complete or a small goal you needed to achieve, can bring you that feeling of accomplishment. You worked hard and completed it. You did what you set out to do and succeeded!

3. Wander and Visualize What You Want

Visualization is enormously powerful, almost magical. When you can see something you want to be, accomplish, or get done, it gives you inspiration and motivation. It allows you to work hard toward your goals and visualize what the process would look like.

It does not have to be purely practical, however. Sometimes what you need most is to dream. Allow your imagination to run wild. Be creative and open-minded, dreaming up something you would love to have in your life.

Just take a few minutes a day to visualize the dream, and go as far with it as you want or need to. You may find that this experience inspires you to take on the day with a newfound sense of adventure and energy.

4. Develop Healthy Sleep Routines

Everyone needs sleep! This should be your top priority, especially if you are stressed or overwhelmed. Sleep is essential for your mind, body, and spirit. You need rest each night to clear the debris, to hold on to your memories, to gain focus and energy, to repair your body, and to be able to get through the next day.

If you are not getting enough quality sleep, start looking at your daily sleep routine. Maybe you need to start getting ready for bed earlier, or you have a problem with using your cell phone before bed. Make the necessary changes to your routine that insure you are ready for uninterrupted, restful sleep. If you need additional help in this area, please hit me up for more resources!!

5. Find Your Own Priorities

Defining the priorities in your life is a crucial part of relaxing and putting things in perspective, especially when you feel stressed and overwhelmed. This is true in your personal and professional life. Know that a huge piece of this is prioritizing self-care. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup!!

If a project you started or a goal you thought you wanted to achieve does not bring you joy and you do not even remember why you wanted to accomplish it in the first place, let it go. This item is obviously not a priority in your life, so there is no reason to let it cause you additional stress. Explore other ways to bring more joy into your life, and go for it!

6. Start a Morning Routine

Morning routines help set the stage for success. Your morning routine should allow for an energized and positive start, right from the moment you wake up.

A successful morning routine, however, begins with a little preparation the night before. Take a few minutes to set your intentions for the next day, organize your thoughts and space, and make sure you have everything you need for a healthy breakfast and little self-care. Self-care may include a quick 2-minute skincare routine, tongue scraping, a few minutes of yoga, a quick cup of warm lemon water, meditation, or a little skin brushing. Remember, planning makes it happen!

If needed, begin a completely new morning routine. Make sure to include items that are good for your body, mind, and spirit. There are no hard and fast rules. Make it your own. The first week or so, you may need to remind family members that you need a little space for “you time.” Who knows, some of your new healthy habits may rub off on them and you will be doing some healthy activities together!

IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR MORE ASSISTANCE IN RELIEVING STRESS, please contact me about my stress course titled “STRESS: Banish the Exhaustion, Overwhelm, and Burnout That’s Weighing You Down!” STRESS affects every single aspect of your health. Getting it under control is imperative for optimal health!




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