Spring brings with it hopes of renewed life and rebirth and promotes wonderfully positive feelings. The spring flowers bloom, and the trees come alive with beautiful new foliage. Many of us find ourselves in a renewed positive mindset and ready to take on new goals. For this reason, spring is the ideal time to embark on a program of better health with a gentle cleanse.

Winter is a time of indulging in warming foods and drinks. A cleanse during this time is perfectly acceptable, but many shy away because the primary foods in a cleanse are fresh fruits and vegetables, not exactly the kind of foods that warm your toes. 😉

There is no such issue in the spring, as we are re-energized, and the weather is a bit warmer. In addition, great quality, fresh produce becomes more readily available.

Why Consider a Spring or Summer Cleanse?

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with toxins due to air pollution, as well as the toxic chemicals we come across in our homes and in the foods we eat. Our livestock is treated with pharmaceutical drugs, and our foods are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, posing serious threats to our health. Consequently, it is a great idea to plan a spring cleanse to remove all the toxins we have accumulated over the winter months and provide a fresh start for our body. Spring is the perfect time of year to cleanse our body and mind and revitalize our life.

Here are some reasons why you will want to consider a gentle cleanse and the amazing benefits that await you.

Benefits of Spring or Summer Detox

Spring or summer cleanses have a long list of health benefits! Here are the top 6. Check them out!

1.     Weight Loss

Keep in mind that a cleanse is not specifically a weight loss plan, but rather provides a jumpstart to the whole healthy lifestyle process. If you are planning to lose some weight, then a spring/summer cleanse is the absolute best way to jumpstart your efforts. A gentle cleanse promotes the consumption of healthy foods, and the elimination of all the sugary, processed, junk foods. Even though the primary purpose of a gentle cleanse is not weight loss, it is certainly inherent in the process. As you work to incorporate the key components of a healthy lifestyle . . . mind, body, and spirit . . . weight loss is inevitable.

2.     Improved Energy

Cleansing can also increase your energy levels. After the cleanse is complete, you will find that you no longer need the extra kick from caffeine. You will discover a new-found, sustained energy throughout your day. Your workouts will also become more efficient and effective. The more active you are, the more lean muscle you will build, the higher your metabolism will be, and the more effective your weight loss efforts become. As you continue with your healthy eating patterns, your health numbers will improve, and you will be well on your way to optimal health.

3.     Better Digestion

There is also clinical evidence that cleansing can help greatly with digestion. Toxicities can lead to many unpleasant health issues, such as gas, bloating, nausea, furred tongue, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, and a toxic liver. When we are eating healthy fruits and vegetables, we are providing the microbiome with the fiber it needs to produce the healthy bacteria and metabolites that lead to a healthy gut wall lining, healthier digestion, reduced inflammation, and fewer food sensitivities. Better digestion leads to three additional benefits set forth below.

4.     Improved Immune System

A spring or summer cleanse is also greatly beneficial for improving the health of the immune system. Over 70% of the immune system resides in our gut. As we continue providing the nutrients and fiber needed for a healthy gut, we are improving the health of the immune system as well. For those who suffer from spring and summer allergies, you may see a big improvement. Essentially, the immune system becomes more efficient in fighting off offenders.

5. Better Sleep, Mental Focus and Clarity

One of the biggest benefits of the gentle cleanse is better sleep. Yaayyy!! Many of you with insomnia and disrupted sleep will be rejoicing over this one! With better sleep comes much improved mental focus and clarity. How amazing would your daily life become with this added benefit?!!

6. Better Mood

The science around the topic of “Food and Mood” is exploding. Eating a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables greatly enhances mood! If you haven’t already, check out the work of scientists John F. Cryan, PhD, and Ted Dinan, MD, PhD, in the book they co-authored with author Scott C. Anderson, “The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food, and the New Science of the GutBrain Connection. It is a fantastic read! Every day we are learning more. Beware . . . you may find your mood much improved after participating in my upcoming gentle cleanse! 😊

Sound great? Let’s get started!!

I invite you to join me in my next gentle cleanse. CONTACT ME TODAY!! You never know how great you can really feel . . . until you feel better!

For More Detailed Information About a Gentle Cleanse

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